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We use technology as a tool to teach kids valuable social-emotional skills.

MakerKids runs award-winning programs on coding, robotics and Minecraft.

Our proprietary, project-based curriculum with live, real-time instruction embeds lessons that help kids build: EQ, Confidence, Social Skills, Resilience and a Positive Relationship with Technology

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MakerKids is a specialized, psychology-based program. The program is designed to strengthen and build social-emotional skills so your child can find success and unleash their untapped potential.

The Best of All Methods

Our program incorporates proven methods from psychology, childhood development, and social-emotional skill fields and combines them into a whole-child approach.

Backed by Research

MakerKids uses techniques that have been proven to improve social skills, grit, confidence, and more. Children’s mental health professionals recommend us.

Connections that Matter

Your child will get the personalized attention, positive support and social connections they deserve, with a program designed to fit your family’s needs and goals.

What People Are Saying
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Leif, Age 10
Leif built an underwater robot that was featured on national TV!
Sienna, Age 12
After taking our Robotics class, Sienna built a robot - "Bob the Blob" - and presented it at the TIFF Digiplayspace exhibition.
Alex, Age 10
Alex started his own business repairing neighbours' audio equipment. He also makes and sells audio speakers to his neighbours.
Artash, Age 10
Artash won the NASA nomination People’s Choice Award after building an autonomous rover that can transmit data wirelessly.
Serena, Age 12
Serena used wearable technology to create a hat that lights up.
Goran, Age 10
Goran built a robotic airplane and designed an entire airport on Minecraft; he is building an airport terminal at home.
Noel, Age 10
Noel worked with a partner to make a laser for his school’s science fair. He helps run the Minecraft Club at his school.
Max, Age 11
Max teaches a Scratch coding class to over 60 kids. He was a top four finalist for Best Game at his school’s street fair. He was even visited by the school district Vice President!
Kid excited to learn coding
What Makes MakerKids An Industry Leader

Our program is a psychology-backed, whole-child approach to social-emotional skills development. Our staff are experienced in working with kids with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and more.

Your program includes measurable improvements in your child’s progress toward your goals. The program helps address a child’s needs, building progressively as they advance.

Improvements you see in the program lead to improved social-emotional behaviors and habits at home, in school, and eventually in careers.

Your child’s mentor will support them while teaching them about social-emotional skills.

Proprietary social-emotional training challenges participants through creativity, initiative and social activities

Your Kids Will Learn

Programs that encourage kids
to be themselves

Real-World Technical Skills

Kids learn industry-leading technologies, equipping them for high-earning careers of the future.

Putting Projects into Practice

Kids don’t just learn programming concepts – they get to use them to make real projects like games.

Confidence & Social Skills

Embedded in all our programs are social skill lessons, and the chance for kids to socialize with like-minded peers.

A Positive Approach To Tech

We want every child to leave MakerKids with the belief that they can use technology to shape the world around them.

250,000+ Student
Projects & Counting

Beginner Coding

Cat Chase


An engaging game where the cat is chased by an A.I. dog.

Intermediate Coding

Mouse Round-Up


A game where a cat chases a bunch of cats controlled by artificial intelligence.

Advanced Coding

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament


Combines core Python concepts learned into one grand rock paper scissors game. Uses if statements and more.

Beginner Coding

Maze Game Jenny


A game where the player attempts to navigate a maze with walls of specific color. If they touch that color they are teleported back to the start of the maze.

Beginner Minecraft

Light House


A tower with a light on at the top that can be controlled from a switch at the bottom.

minecraft education
Intermediate Minecraft

Mail Box


Uses a comparator to determine if there is something in a chest. The chest represents a mailbox which users can leave messages for one another in using an ink and quill.

minecraft education
Advanced Minecraft



Enchantments are basically just a way to add a tag to an item that can include a level value. It can be used to add procedures to run when different enchanted things interact with the world.

Beginner Minecraft

Singing Merry Go Round


A minecraft cart that travels forever in a circle via powered rails. The movement of the cart can also serve as a redstone clock and generate redstone pulses via detector rails when a cart goes over them. You can then use these detector rail signals to power outputs such as lights, noteblocks, and pistons.

Beginner Robotics

LED Catch


Astrid used the coded an LED to move back and forth across the bottom of the matrix via button presses. She also added an LED that falls from the top and attempt to catch it.

robotics for kids
Intermediate Robotics



Arman wired up a light sensor that responds to light level. This reading is then converted to be appropriate for the sound of a buzzer, as well as other outputs.

Beginner Robotics

Musical Keyboard


Ira wired up a virtual speaker and multiple buttons to create their own musical keyboard. Pressing different buttons triggers different notes allowing them to play a song or just jam out.

Intermediate Robotics

Big Mouth Billy Bass


Henry wired up a virtual motion sensor (PIR = passive infrared sensor which outputs a digital signal when it detects motion (via a change in infrared input). By wiring up outputs, when it detects motion it can play sound a la Big Mouth Billy Bass (the singing mounted fish).

Want to learn how to create such awesome projects?

Social-Emotional Skills Practice
for Students of Diverse Abilities

We offer unique social-emotional skills-based programs geared towards kids who love computer games and could use some extra practice building friendships and other social-emotional skills. Kids will learn some important social-emotional skills and practice making friends through fun and interactive coding, robotics and/or Minecraft activities. Target skills may include asking questions to peers, maintaining a conversation, cooperating to make group decisions and being more flexible when playing with peers.

Participating in MakerKids programs is a fun and social way for kids to gain fundamental technical skills. As kids become more adept at navigating and modifying the interfaces they are presented with, new challenges such as learning to code turns the experience into even more of an educational platform to help build transferable technical skills.

While we leverage kids’ interest in technology as a gateway to introduce them to other STEM topics, just as important in a cooperative group environment is the opportunity for teaching positive netizen, teamwork, and communication skills.

Social-Emotional Skills Programs for Tech-Loving Children with Diverse Abilities

Build Resilience with Coding

Coding requires a lot of trial and error. Programmers spend most of their time figuring out why the code they think should be working, keeps failing. The resilience to dig into error messages, run countless tests, address numerous bugs, and often starting from scratch with a different approach, is what eventually leads to rewarding success. This resilience can be used in many areas of life and is a valued skill worth having.

Build Social Skills with Minecraft

Kids love Minecraft – and MakerKids makes this online game both fun and a great way to learn important skills such as teamwork, cooperation, flexibility, and more. MakerKids provides learners with an online opportunity to play Minecraft while developing their social skills. We offer a small group experience and target skills such as teamwork, cooperation, flexibility, and more

Build Confidence with Robotics

Robotics involves a lot of technical skill and deep thinking. Concepts like circuitry can be tricky to work with. The best understanding comes from seeing things in action, and that requires first giving it a try.
In addition to the testing required for inquiry-based learning, with robots, there are countless reasons why something doesn’t work as intended. Having the self-confidence to experiment while working through a problem and trying new things to see which one works is an asset in all areas of life.

The original tech programs for kids

MakerKids founded the first makerspace for kids in the world in 2010, and went on to pioneer an industry and transform education. Today, kids can access MakerKids’ award-winning programs on Coding. Minecraft and Robotics from the comfort of their own home.

We’ve been invited to give talks about our work around the world, at SXSW, MakerCon, Maker Faire, TEDx and more. We have also written a book about our work, called Every Child A Maker – as well as a children’s book called The MakerKid.

We’ve trained educators and helped school boards and libraries implement makerspaces.

We’ve run programs for Google and Twitter, for their employees’ kids.

Your child will experience award-winning curriculum built by engineers, entrepreneurs, and graduates of the Singularity University program at NASA, and refined over 11+ years.

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