Gr. 1-2 Mini Makers

Kids get introduced to two of our core topics: coding, and robotics by completing fun STEM projects and activities in our Mini Makers class!

Coding: They will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game!

Robotics: Kids use online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make electronic creations that they previously only dreamed of.

Gr. 1-2 Mini Makers Minecraft

In our Mini Makers Minecraft program, kids gain invaluable computer experience while also being introduced to more advanced concepts such as remote servers and running commands. Most importantly of course they’ll be communicating and collaborating with a team of other kids equally excited about Minecraft learning how to be a good netizen while making friends and having fun.

Gr. 3-8 Idea Incubator

The Idea Incubator program at MakerKids allows kids to learn about and develop projects in Coding, Robotics, and Minecraft! Classes rotate between these three topics, using a multidisciplinary approach to draw connections between topics in class and the world around us.

Gr. 3-8 Coding

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game: character development, storyboarding, animation, environment and level design, beta testing and, of course, coding.

Gr. 3-8 Python Coding

Do you use Google, YouTube or Dropbox? Did you know they are programmed using Python? Python can be seen almost everywhere. Kids will be equipped with skills they can take anywhere!

Gr. 3-8 Robotics

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own robotics projects using industry-leading microcontrollers: the Arduino and the MicroBit (sponsored by BBC. With the help of easy-to-use block-based online coding interfaces, kids experience a very capable and rewarding introduction to robotics. Basic circuitry and programming concepts are also covered to give students a good foundation for more complex components and coding structures later on.

Gr. 3-8 Robotics

With kids comfortable using robotics interfaces and a number of projects under their belt, more fundamental robotic programming structures are tackled. After covering conditional statements and a few other slightly more abstract coding tools like variables, the intermediate section moves through component after component teaching kids what they do, how they work, and then presenting projects that they can utilize them in.

Gr. 3-8 Minecraft

Minecraft Makers will be learning how to build, plan and code not just play in Minecraft! Makers will collaborate with their classmates to plan out large building projects while their instructor helps to guide and teach new skills to them each week. These skills will include more intermediate circuit logic using Redstone, coding elements using command blocks and 3D design using geometry and mathematics.

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