When your kids tell you they’re playing Minecraft you may roll your eyes and tell them to stop playing so many video games. But, Minecraft is different than other typical video games in that it’s an open-ended game that truly sparks their creativity.

If you’ve ever watched your child play Minecraft you’ll notice that they’re thinking and building as they’re playing. It’s not just pointless aiming and hitting a controller to knock out your opponent.

Once you understand this you can discover how playing Minecraft can actually lead your child to success in other areas. Here’s how:

Minecraft Can Help with Academics

Because of the way Minecraft is set up, it promotes visuospatial reasoning skills. In other words it helps them develop their visual perception of objects. This can help them develop their abstract thinking and problem solving which can help in areas like math and science. Who knew Mincraft could help with children’s education too? They will be able to solve problems more efficiently which will give them more time to do other things…like play more Minecraft!

Minecraft Teaches Kids to Set (and Finish) Goals

Although there is no real end and beginning to the game, Minecraft does allow players to set goals and rewards them when they reach those goals. Through this they learn what it feels like to accomplish a task and reach a goal. They also learn how to develop a plan and carry it through. This is a skill that can help them be successful in the real world.

Minecraft Builds Confidence

If your child suffers from low self-esteem, they may feel as though they cannot be successful in anything they do. With Minecraft, they can learn that they can complete tasks and they can be successful. This is a confidence boost that can help in so many other areas including education and socialization. Minecraft puts children in charge which ultimately builds confidence like none other. If building a child’s level confidence doesn’t spell success, what does?

MakerKids also believes that Minecraft and coding classes can lead kids on the path to success by not only teaching skills but also building confidence. We offer several different types of STEM classes for kids which includes robotics, coding, and Minecraft. These are available in private sessions, camps, and after-school classes. Contact us today to find out how your child can successfully use Minecraft and other STEM classes.

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