When children learn to code, they’re not only learning the actual skill but also how to unleash their creativity. Using coding as a creative outlet allows them to think out of the box and bring projects that they imagine to life.

We’re going to explore how coding can be used as a creative tool and how classes at MakerKids can help get your child to awaken their creative capabilities!

Coding & Creativity Go Hand in Hand

Coding is More Than Numbers

When your child thinks about coding, they may think that it’s just a numbers and algorithms game. But coding can help to bring their ideas to life. As they learn to create animations, games, and stories, they will quickly see that if they can imagine it, they can create it.

Beginner and intermediate interactive platforms, like Scratch, which is used at MakerKids, teach kids how to do these things. When they are encouraged to use their imagination and experiment with different features, they will realize that the sky’s the limit when it comes to coding! When they can associate coding with creativity, they will become even more inspired to continue on their coding journey.

Show Real-Life Applications

Another way to help unleash your child’s digital creativity is to expose them to real-life applications of coding. This makes the skill more tangible, and as a result, more interesting. Kids can see how coding plays a role in their favorite video games and apps. From there, they can be inspired to design a game or even a website that relates to their interests. By helping your child connect coding to their passions, they can feel motivated to continue to create.


Encourage Hands-On Learning

Give your child opportunities where they can experience hands-on learning with coding. Coding classes and camps, like the ones offered at MakerKids, provide this type of education. Also, experimenting with coding languages like Python or JavaScript can give them the opportunity to explore different aspects of programming. Our advanced coding classes at MakerKids, allow children to learn and use Python.

Promote Collaboration

As children create projects and share them, they can also become inspired to think out of the box. Collaboration helps to spark new ideas. If your child is stumped at how to get around a problem, working with others can help to give them a new perspective and create something new. This is instrumental as they work to unleash their digital creativity.

Inspires Confidence

As children work together and share ideas, they not only learn how to solve problems but also gain confidence. Being creative helps us to deal with uncertainty because we have to figure things out. As we do, we become more confident because we know we can solve problems.

Being creative allows kids to step back and take a look at the larger situation as they interact with others, share knowledge, and find answers to problems.

Coding Classes at MakerKids

If you want to help your child think out of the box, enroll them in a class at MakerKids. We offer coding classes for children in grades 1-8. Children are grouped with their peers so that they can work together and get the most out of their classes.  We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced coding classes to help stir a child’s creativity.

If you’re interested in learning more about the coding classes MakerKids offers, call us today at 416-385-3577 or reach out to us online.

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