Summer camp season is almost upon us. Have you decided how your child is going to spend their summer? If you’re searching for activities, MakerKids offers plenty of fun and educational options to keep your child busy mentally and physically. Each day, kids can expect to engage in fun STEM activities as well as plenty of off-screen activities.

MakerKids Summer Camps

Take a look at some of the summer camp options MakerKids has to offer:

Mini Makers Camp

Mini Makers Camp introduces kids in grades 1-2 to core technology topics like coding, robotics, and Minecraft. Every day, your child will work on a variety of projects including learning how to design their own video game to creating robotic inventions, and learning 3D Design. They will also get to do fun STEM experiments!

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Idea Incubator STEM Camp

Kids in grades 3-8 will learn important STEM skills in coding, robotics, and Minecraft. They’ll get to create their own projects and work with others.

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Coding Camp

Our coding camps are so much fun as kids learn how to code their very own video games! They learn all of the vital steps such as character development, storyboarding, animation, beta testing, and more! Coding is a vital skill that will help kids get a leg up on the competition if they choose to explore the field of coding. This camp is designed for kids in grades 3-8.

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Robotics Camp

Does your child dream of making lights light up, motors spin, and coding a “robot brain”? If so, then our MakerKids robotics camp is perfect for them. During their camp, kids get to design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions using a robotics microcontroller. If they can dream it, they can make it! This camp is designed for kids in grades 3-8.

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Minecraft Camp

Kids can learn more about the game they love at our Minecraft camp. They’ll learn skills that include coding elements using command blocks and 3D design using geometry and math skills. Minecraft camp is available for kids in grades 1-2 and grades 3-8.

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3D Printing

3D printing camps are offered as a subsection of other camps, mainly as part of the robotics and coding camps. During these fun camps, kids learn how 3D printing can be used to design their creations and model their own creations to 3D print on-site. This program is available for kids in grades 3-8.

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A Typical Camp Day at MakerKids

While we focus on fun STEM activities during our MakerKids camps, we also want to be sure that kids get outside and get plenty of screen breaks. Take a look at our daily schedule. A standard day runs from 9  am-3:30 pm, with before care and aftercare available. Before care is available from 8-9 am and aftercare options from 3:30 pm- 5 pm.

You’ll see that we offer a snack and screen break as well as a lengthy trip to the park every day! You can feel confident that your child will be safe with us and engaged during their camp day.

Are you ready to help make your child’s summer as fun as possible? Contact MakerKids today to learn more about our various summer camp options for your child!

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