When you think about kids learning to code, all of the technical aspects probably come to mind, and rightfully so. But, learning to code is so much more than making sense of letters and numbers on a screen. Learning to code enables children to learn many other skills that they can use beyond the world of coding.

As children learn to code, they learn how to work together. As an adult, we know how this can sometimes be difficult when you’re collaborating with people with different ideas and from different backgrounds. But collaboration is a skill that children can take with them their entire lives, as they enter the workforce.

We’re going to explore how coding teaches children the valuable skill of working together and how this will prepare them for a successful future.

Learning to Code & Collaborate

Teamwork & Cooperation

As children learn to code, there will be times when one project is just too complex for one person, or when a child may want to ask the opinion of another. By working together, children learn how to develop teamwork and cooperation skills. As each person takes on a role in a larger project, they can learn the importance of delegating tasks. They learn how to coordinate their efforts and support one another. This is a skill that will go a long way in the workforce.

Communication Skills

One of the cornerstones of teamwork is knowing how to communicate with others. Through coding projects, children will learn how to express their thoughts and explain different concepts. They will also learn how to listen to their peers. Learning how to clearly communicate will ensure that ideas are shared so that they can be best utilized to complete a project. This is an essential skill when learning to code and throughout life.

Problem-Solving Skills

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Coding relies on teamwork skills to solve problems. As children learn to code, they will quickly learn that they may not get it right the first time. When this happens, they need to work with others to solve the problem. During the process, children will quickly learn how to give and take criticism constructively. This is an extremely valuable skill to have to not only complete the project but also have at school and in relationships.

The Importance of Teamwork

As children learn how to work together, they will quickly see the importance of teamwork. Teamwork allows for projects to be completed more efficiently. When you can share tasks, everyone can focus on their job, working together towards a common goal.

Teamwork also fosters learning. Children can learn from one another as they work together. They have the opportunity to look at a problem like they may have never before, allowing them to expand their horizons.

When children work together, they may also motivate each other. Sometimes we can all use a little cheerleader in our corner pushing us to keep going. Kids can do this for each other as they work together and can use this skill in their future careers. Everyone loves having a motivator on their team!

Learning to Code at MakerKids

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MakerKids offers children ample opportunity to learn how to code. Whether your child is a beginner or has some experience, MakerKids offers coding classes for children at all levels. Our classes teach the importance of collaborative coding and how working together extends well beyond the coding class.

For more information, contact us today and ask about booking a FREE trial class!

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