Many people think of Minecraft as just a game that kids play for fun. In reality, it’s much more. Minecraft teaches skills that can help kids in many walks of life. From igniting their creativity to boosting skills that can be used in the classroom, Minecraft continues to prove that it is more than just a game.

Let’s explore several ways Minecraft can foster imagination and innovation in the classroom.

How Minecraft Fosters Imagination & Innovation

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Stirs Creativity

When kids play Minecraft, they have to build, create, and design their own virtual worlds. This fosters creativity and imaginative thinking as players construct unique structures.

Supports Spatial Skills

Research has shown that playing video games helps people to better understand and work with spatial information. Specifically looking at Minecraft, researchers determined that training activities that use Minecraft can support spatial skill development.

Minecraft has been used in a block-building workshop on how students understand 3D geometry and spatial skill development. Researchers found that by using Minecraft, children can work on their spatial skills.

Teaches History and Motivates Learning

Minecraft can be used to help teach history as it reconstructs famous and historical landmarks. This includes recreating famous events and mapping out locations. As children work to research historical architecture to build something in the game, it can spark their curiosity and desire to learn.

Supports Reading and Writing Skills

Minecraft education also supports reading and writing skills. When children play, they have to have a solid understanding of the language used in the rules on the screen. They also have to be able to write in the chat so other players can understand them. This not only helps to build reading and writing skills, but also build communication skills.

Using Minecraft in the Classroom


Teachers can use Minecraft in the classroom in several ways:

  • Make history lessons come alive by having students duplicate what they see on the screen into hands-on projects.
  • Have students write a story about one of the characters in the game.
  • Students can recreate scenes from the game and work on their storytelling skills.
  • Use Minecraft skills to build skills needed for math by problem-solving.

Teachers can also try the Minecraft Education Edition. This has many different lessons and kits to choose from and are sorted by subject. They include lessons in:

  • Recycling
  • Space exploration
  • Historical events
  • Art & design
  • Writing and language arts

This provides teachers with lessons in many different areas.

Minecraft at MakerKids

At MakerKids, we believe in the power of Minecraft! This is why we offer Minecraft classes for kids in grades 1-8.

Our mentors use the game as a way to help kids build transferable skills like coding, electronics, and more. During Minecraft classes, kids also build on their social and communication skills, as well as their teamwork, and more! To learn more about our Minecraft classes and the other STEM classes we offer, call us today or contact us online. Be sure to ask about how you can try a FREE class!

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