At MakerKids, we are always looking for ways to enhance our students’ experience and help them grow. That is why we have recently added 3D printing to our curriculum. A 3D printer can be used to help students really make their creations come to life right in front of them!

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing uses a digital file and materials to make three-dimensional objects. It uses additive processes where an object is created by laying down layers of material until the object is finished.

Knowing how to use and make things in 3D printing is helpful in many careers, including engineering and design. Students learning how to use 3D printing can also see their creations come to life right in front of them.

While some high school STEM programs do integrate 3D printing into their curriculum, many elementary school programs do not. This is why having it available to younger students at MakerKids is such a bonus! They will get a head start on learning how to use it so that by the time they reach high school, they’ll be pros.

How to Use 3D Printing in STEM

3D printing

3D printing is used in STEM programs in different ways. Students can use it to make a model of a building or to create interactive maps. 3D printing allows students to create complex models and prototypes of their ideas that would be more difficult to create using traditional methods.

3D printing comes in handy, particularly for teaching engineering and architecture. For students involved in engineering classes, they can get tangible ideas of what their projects can look like. This can help if they need to troubleshoot an idea because they can have a more visual representation of what needs to be fixed.

Students taking robotics classes can also have great benefits from using a 3D printer. A robotic arm can be made out of 3D printers and used to perform 3D printing.  It allows students to create quick prototypes as well. 3D printers can be used to print from different angles and objects.

3D printers are valuable tools for STEM classes when it comes to hands-on activities and project-based learning. Students learn how to not only improve their creations but also the valuable skill of using a 3D printer.

Learn 3D Printing at MakerKids

3d printing

Now that we have 3D printing at MakerKids, we are implementing it in several of our programs. You can learn how to use a 3D printer during our winter break STEM camps. These camps allow students to not only try different MakerKids classes, but to also see how they can use a 3D printer to make their creations come to life.

Private STEM classes and our regular robotics classes also provide excellent use of 3D printing as well as our P.A. Day camps. Let your child enroll in one or several of these programs for an amazing MakerKids experience. To learn more about our programs, call us at 416-385-3577 or reach out to us online!

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