What is your child doing this summer? If you’re unsure, consider enrolling them in a coding or robotics summer camp. It’s not only a fun experience, but there are so many benefits that kids can take advantage of as they’re creating and learning. 

We’re going to share five reasons why your child should attend a coding or robotics summer camp and how MakerKids can help.

Benefits of Attending a Coding or Robotics Summer Camp

1. Helps to Identify Interests

Boys learning with MakerKids at summer camps

If your child already has an interest in STEM, great! If not, a coding or robotics summer camp is just the thing to spark that interest. STEM camps are fun and children don’t feel like they’re in a classroom and learning (although they really are learning some cool and valuable stuff). We all know that when activities are fun, children are more likely to stick with them. 

As kids take part in activities at their coding or robotics summer camp, they begin to realize what interests them. Some may love the building that goes along with robotics, while others may enjoy the work that comes along with coding. Whatever the case, they can begin to identify and explore their interests.

2. Prepares Children for the Future

The skills that children learn at a coding or robotics summer camp can help to prepare them for the future. Whether it’s a STEM class at school or an afterschool class at MakerKids, kids can take what they’ve learned at camp and expand upon it.

For many kids, these types of camps can lead kids on a career path. They may become so interested in what they’ve learned, that they want to continue studying it as they reach college and eventually make a career of it.

3. Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Many kids tend to relax too much in the summer and can fall into the “summer slide”. Attending a coding or robotics summer camp can prevent this from happening. They’ll be learning new skills, honing some old ones perhaps, and keeping their brains sharp in the process. When they return to school in the fall, they’ll be ready to keep on learning and excel in whatever they do.

4. Become Inspired

The ideas kids learn and the projects they work on at camp can inspire them to do great things. They can become the next innovator all because of what they learned at camp. As they work and gain a sense of accomplishment for what they’ve done at camp, they will likely want to continue to do more and see where it takes them. The great thing about attending a coding or robotics summer camp is that the sky’s the limit!

5. Kids Learn to Work Together

Girls having fun at MakerKids summer camp

While they may be working on their own projects, kids quickly learn that there is no “I” in team. They learn to work together and help one another accomplish their goals. Many times, kids offer ideas to their peers that will help them succeed. A fresh set of eyes can bring new ideas that can help to finish a project or get to the next level. These are skills that kids can take with them when camp is over and that will carry over throughout their lives.

Coding and Robotics Summer Camp at MakerKids

MakerKids offers both robotics and coding camps to help your children explore their potential. Our camps are divided into two groups, those in grades 3-5, and those in grades 6-8. This way, kids are receiving age-appropriate lessons and are working exclusively with their peers. There are also mini-makers camps for younger children to begin to explore the world of STEM. 

Each of our camps is taught by one of our experienced mentors who offers guidance to help your child reach their fullest potential. Children learn the skills they need to succeed in both STEM and the real world.

To learn more about our summer camp options, call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or reach out to us online.

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