By popular demand, we are once again running our Advanced Minecraft weekend workshop! It will be held at 10am on Saturday March 30th. Come to this 3 hour class to learn all about creating skins, installing mods, and even setting up your own server! Bring your home Internet router with you to the class, and we will configure it together to allow your friends to connect to your world.

We will also learn to use Printcraft, a service that allows converting Minecraft objects into 3D files for printing on our 3D printer.

Throughout the class, we’ll have challenges to complete; speed skins, build themes and more. We will also take a tour of some of the most interesting Minecraft resources available online.

This class is for kids ages 8 and up. It will be taught by MakerKid Téa, assisted by her dad. Parents are welcome to stay and participate, too, if they also purchase a ticket, as space is limited.

Sign up for the Advanced Minecraft weekend workshop now!

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