At the Howard Fall Fete yesterday, Maker Kids ran an Air Rockets building and launching event.

It was a huge amount of fun! Kids made all kinds of crazy and amazing rockets out of the materials we brought, and fired them into the paper Moon we hung from the roof, 3 stories up. 6 kids managed to hit the target, many came close, and one girl shot her rocket on to the roof!

A huge thanks to AnneMarie, Christine, Marianne, and all of our other amazing volunteers! You made this so much fun for the kids and their parents!

As promised, here is the link to the instructions for building the air-powered rocket launcher:

We don’t have the white PVC pipe here in Canada that they used in their design. So we adapted it to the black ABS pipes we use here. I’m going to build a second launcher soon, I’ll make a parts list for you if you can wait. Otherwise, just root around in the plumbing aisle at Home Depot until you have all the bits that fit together properly. You’ll find the green sprinkler system valve in the garden tools aisle on the far left of the store if your back is to the cash registers.




UPDATE – Here’s a video of our launcher in action at the Parkdale School Fun Fair June 8, 2013:

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