As an adult, it can be hard to always be confident in yourself. So, imagine how difficult it can be for a child who is just beginning to learn about the world around them? 


For many kids, believing in themselves isn’t something that comes easy. There could be factors in their daily lives that constantly put up roadblocks to them gaining the self-confidence they need. Nevertheless, parents need to help their children gain that self-confidence to not only believe in themselves but also become productive members of society. Confidence for kids is an important topic that all parents and children need to talk about.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How do you explain confidence to a child?
  • How can I boost my child’s self-confidence?
  • How do I build confidence in my child’s school?
  • How can I make my shy child confident?

How do you explain confidence to a child?

To be able to explain confidence to a child, you need to have a good understanding of it yourself. Yes, confidence is believing in yourself. But, confidence also means that kids can rely on their skills and strengths to deal with whatever comes their way. This is a good way to begin to explain what confidence for kids is to your child.

You can also tell them that as they gain confidence, that little voice inside them that may tell them they can’t do something will begin to tell them they can do it. You can also tell your child that there are times when you battle with self-confidence issues and have that voice that tells you that you can’t do something. But, you gain the strength to learn that you can do something and you do it.

While we all have our strengths and weaknesses, knowing that your weaknesses can turn into strengths is important for kids to realize and can help to build their confidence.

How can I boost my child’s self-confidence?


As parents, it’s natural to want to help your child when you see they’re struggling. If you see that your child has low self-confidence, there are things you can do to give them a boost. These include praising them when they do something good. While you don’t want to praise every little step they make, it’s important to acknowledge when they’ve done something outstanding.

You can also help them focus on their strengths. Everyone has them, some people just need help discovering them. Parents typically see where their children excel and where they may lag behind. To boost their self-confidence, you can help them notice their strengths while also helping them in the areas that tend to be their weaknesses.

Another way to boost confidence for kids is to help them learn how to do new things. When you’re learning something new, you can begin to feel more confident as you crush it. The same is true for kids. Help them learn something new and see their confidence rise.

How do I build my child’s confidence in school?


Many kids have low self-confidence in school if they don’t feel as smart as some of the other kids or if there are kids who are bothering them. Whatever the case, you can help build your child’s confidence in school by first figuring out which areas are problematic. Then you know what they need to work on. These are the areas you’ll have to provide some extra encouragement and perhaps get them some extra help.

You can also help to build your child’s confidence in school by actively listening to them. When they tell you there’s an issue, really hear what they’re saying. This way you can help to talk them up and feel better about what’s bothering them.

Encouraging them to try new things can also boost their self-confidence. As they learn new skills, those “I can’ts” in their head can turn to “I can’s”.

How can I make my shy child confident?

If your child is on the shy side, they may have lower self-confidence. You can help them by taking a step back. You may want to push them to meet new people and into new situations. But, this can make them want to retreat more. Let your child find his way on his own time. This way it’s on his terms and he can feel good about his decisions.

It’s also good to share stories with them about times you felt a little anxious about a situation. This way they can feel good knowing it’s not just them.

Bringing it All Together

Building confidence in kids is not something that’s done overnight. It’s a gradual process that can have wonderful results. While it’s important to encourage your children, you can also help them by finding confidence-building activities for kids. These activities help children discover that they can do things and have success.

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