5 week Digital Wednesday program starting February 19!

Start date: February 19
End date: March 26 (skips over March Break)
Length: 5 weeks
Time: 4:30-6:30 each week
Ages: 8-18
At our Digital Wednesdays program, kids get to learn a different topic every week! You can register your child for all 5 Wednesdays or 1 Wednesday at a time. The regular admission tickets include using a computer here and you do not need to buy software for these classes.

Week 1 February 19

3D Design + 3D Printing

Learn the basics of how to create and manipulate shapes using Sketch-Up and other 3D Modelling software. Learn how the 3D printer works and see it come alive and print!

3D Design and 3D Printing Ideas

  • your own creation
  • toys or figurines
  • animals like dinosaurs
  • action figures
  • phone cases
  • jewellery
  • puzzles
  • decoration or art
  • much more!

Week 2 February 26

Make Digital Music

Learn how to craft your own beats using free music software with special guest, Candian music composer and producer Peter Chapman!

Learn how to record and edit using free audio samples or notes from the software. Create your own music or remix other music like DJ’s do!

Learn how to:

  • make your own beats
  • sample and remix other music
  • create a jingle for your show
  • create a tune for an animation or game you’ve created
  • record, edit and use audio software!

More about Peter, Our Special Guest

Peter, Toronto’s 2010 Sound Battle Royal Winner,  creates amazing electronic music as COINS, composes soundtracks for video games (Guacamele, Mutant Blobs Attack, Modnation Racers) and television (Bomb Girls, Durham County).

Week 3 March 5

Become A Computer Surgeon

Open up our computer units to find out the different parts inside and what makes a computer tick. Learn how to identify computer components and how to safely remove and install them!

Week 4 March 12

March break, no class

Week 4 March 19

Host Your Own Internet Show

Learn how to record, edit, & find hosting for Podcasts, Videocasts, Let’s Plays & Live Streaming.


  • Record your own podcast: story telling, news reporting, audio book & more
  • Record a video game tutorial or Let’s Play (playthrough of the game) to teach others about your favourite game! (eg. Minecraft Let’s Play)
  • Puppet or theatre show
  • Commercial
  • Videocast: Story with objects like characters and props
  • Learn to livestream (Could use for future talent shows, music practices, sports practices, birthday, etc)

Week 4 March 26

How to Take (or Fake) Good Digital Photos

Bring in your point-and-shoot digital cameras or your camera phones or share a camera device here and explore ways to take the best photos and how to tweak & edit using free software.


  • learn how to take better photos with your friends and family!
  • learn how to photograph the latest project or invention you’re working on
  • learn how to mash up parts of different photos together and remix photos (eg. Superimpose a cat on a waffle)
  • learn how to add filters and special effects
  • tweak and edit photos of your pets!


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