Stop by MakerKids for a spooky, night of crafts, games and technology! We will be celebrating Halloween Saturday, October 28, from 5-8pm, MakerKids will have activities for all ages. We will also have giveaways and prizes. Think things that glow and move.

Play with squishy circuits.
Create orange and green Frankenstein monsters, creepers, or pumpkins out of playdough. They will come alive as you jolt them with electricity turning on LEDs that light up their eyes.scratch scary maze

Scary maze video game with Scratch
Kids can play a “scary” jump scare maze in Scratch. Scratch is a video game making program designed by MIT. It uses drag and drop blocks of code, so kids don’t have to worry about typing but get to focus on game-making. Kids can design the monsters in the game!

Halloween is a great time for kids to experiment, try something new and get creative. the event is free, but we do require pre-registration to save your spot (1 per family).

Sign up here!

Already excited? Check out these Kids’ Halloween party activities. Materials are simple and available.

*Edit: This event has been moved from Oct. 31 to Oct. 28.


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