“At first when I came here, I had no idea how any of this electric stuff worked, and I’m just like, how I am going to be able to make this? But over time with my mistakes, I realized it gets easier and it comes to me and sometimes making a mistake actually teaches you something – why something doesn’t work.

January 24 PA Day Workshop

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Ages 8-13

Want an awesome, super-fun way to spend your January 24 PA day? Come join us at MakerKids!

Do you know a girl or boy who loves super heroes, comics, magic or story telling?

The kids will come up with and write a story, then they’ll learn how to bring it to life using stop motion animation or by making a comic book. We’ll learn how to work with a green screen, how to film stop motion animation and learn about special effects! We’ll also make costumes and capes, masks and props, carboard armour or gadgets!

Imagine it, make it!

Please note: advance registration is required for this event.


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