If your child enjoys STEM and coding, you may have heard them talk about Python coding. Python is a versatile programming language that has become one of the most popular around the world. It offers many benefits, which is why more and more kids are learning it.

At MakerKids, students are learning how to use Python and are seeing its benefits. We’re going to share those benefits as well as take a look at a Python coding project one of our very own MakerKids’ students has completed. Once we’re done, you’re going to want your child to learn as much about Python as they can. Let’s get started!

A Closer Look at Python Coding

Python is a computer programming language that is used to build websites and software. It can also automate tasks and complete data analysis. Unlike other programming languages, Python uses whitespace to keep things organized. It can be used to create many different programs since it isn’t specific for any one use.

Why Your Child Should Learn Python Coding

Gaining in Popularity

According to Stack Overflow, Python is the fastest-growing programming language. It is also the most searched programming language online. Giving your child the tools now will help them as they get older and learn more about coding.

Versatile Language

Python can be used in many different industries and can run with other programming languages. It is good for both small and complex tasks. Python is useful for data science and software engineering as well as mobile app development and artificial intelligence.

Python Developer Jobs are in High Demand

What your child learns today about Python will help them to be well-prepared in the future. Python developers are in high demand and have impressive salaries. Indeed reports that Python developers earn an average salary of $108,391, making Python the fourth-most lucrative programming language.

Improves Academic Performance

Python teaches kids the type of creativity and critical thinking skills they need to solve math problems. It also gives them a problem-solving mindset that is helpful in many other academic areas. When children learn Python, they not only learn programming but also skills they can use in and outside of the classroom.

Python in Play at MakerKids

Our MakerKids students are already seeing how Python works and seeing its benefits through our classes. One of our students completed a successful project in their coding advanced virtual class. A student created an image of the Python logo, in a custom MS Paint-like program with help from one of our highly skilled instructors, using Python.

The program they’ve been working on collaboratively is a painting/drawing tool. During the class, students learn the basics of how to use Tkinter and how to create drawing tools that are dependent on user input.

This project is just one example of the many things that students learn in our Python classes. They also learn how to:

  • Install Python
  • Create scripts with commands used in real-world computer science
  • Parse files and play with strings
  • Grasp ideas of shell computing and navigating the operating system via the command line interface.

If these sound like skills your child wants to learn, contact MakerKids today to learn more about our Python classes. Call us at [phone] or reach out to us online for more information.

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