Summer is finally here, and with it comes lots of awesome activities to do! However, sometimes you might not really want to go anywhere. That’s OK – here are some awesome summer activities you can do with the kids at home or locally that also have great educational benefits.

Summer Activities at Home

Without leaving the house or spending much money, you and your kids can have a great time in the back yard. Here are a few kids’ activities you can do with your kids:

Create Pop Rockets


If you’re looking to help your kids with STEM skills, the pop rocket experiment can be a fun and easy way to teach them. It teaches science, chemistry and you can make creating the rockets a design project. Learning by doing and seeing results with your own eyes have shown positive effects on learning.

Water Gun or Balloon Fight

Playing games with your kids is a great way to build a healthy bond with them. Plus, you can get a pack of water guns or water balloons for just $5! Play is essential to creativity, even for adults. Often play is thought as childish or trivial. Did you know the word “school” is derived from “schole” a Greek word for leisure? Play is essential in exploration, ideation, personal development, cognitive skills, pleasure and brain health.

Go Camping in the Back Yard


This is one of our personal favourites. Camping is so much fun, and if you already have a tent it doesn’t cost anything. Just set up the tent in the back yard. For bonus points, get a fire pit going and sit around it while sharing stories and roasting s’mores. Telling stories is important activity that encourages effective communication, sharing, and collaboration. Kids can also build on each other’s stories developing creativity and teamwork. Many new ideas emerge from discussion! And what a way to do it: relaxed, fun and open.

Make Friends With A Robot

Toy robots can also help your child further their STEM education. It teaches them about programming and robotics. The best part about many toy robots is the ability to use it indoors and outdoors, which is perfect during summer. There are other educational gadgets like, Little Bits, that are fun, easy to use, and incorporate modern technical skills.

Summer Camps


Looking for something around the corner and local to do in Toronto? Check out our summer camps. Kids have a blast this summer while also learning and making new friends, learning new skills and creating their own project. You can try a Sampler Camp or focus in on Electronics and Robotics Inventions.

There you have it – 5 fun kids’ activities you can do at home and one close-by, to help them learn valuable skills this summer. Enjoy these summer activities, and don’t forget to wear sun screen.

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