One of the big things about teaching kids about the importance of STEM subjects is to show them how they relate to their everyday life. For many kids, this makes the subjects come alive and makes them more meaningful. It demonstrates the importance of understanding them and lights a fire for them to gain more knowledge.

So, how do we find STEM in everyday life?

Here are a few examples.


The next time you’re in the car with your kids, explain to them how STEM is in action. From the mechanisms that control your car, especially in newer cars with navigation technology, to the brake and gas pedals, there was someone who worked to put those systems together.

Besides the actual vehicle you’re traveling in, there is also STEM in motion in bridges and highways. There is a team of engineers who thought long and hard about how the infrastructure works and is constructed. If your child likes the building branch of STEM, this may be something they can expand upon when they get older.


The role of STEM in entertainment is a given. Video games are based on coding. Many kids are immediately interested in what makes their favorite games tick. It’s STEM! What’s even cooler than playing one of these games? Creating one! Explain to your kids that they can do just that if they put their minds to it.

STEM is not just alive in video games. It’s also present in amusement park rides. How did those rides get put together and how do they function? As with bridges and highways, there is a team of people who put their minds and talents together to get those mechanisms together that make those rides work.


Yes, there is STEM in sports. What angle should a basketball player throw a ball at in order to get a perfect shot? That can be calculated by someone with a STEM background. It’s little unknown facts like these that can help get kids interested in STEM.

If you want to truly immerse your child in fun and exciting STEM topics, then MakerKids is the place for you. At MakerKids, children learn about coding, robotics, and even about the ins and outs of Minecraft. The sky is really the limit when it comes to what they can create. Through afterschool programs, summer camps, and even private birthday parties, every child can learn about the impact of STEM in their everyday lives and how to make it grow. Call MakerKids today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to find out more about all of the programs offered.

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