If you have a child who isn’t quite school age, you may think it’s too early to introduce them to STEM programs because they won’t understand what’s going on.

Think again!

While you’re not going to show them how to code, you can introduce them to the fundamentals of STEM programs and STEM thinking to get them on the right track. The seed you plant now can turn into quite the learning tool down the road.

Why is STEM learning so important for young children? Let’s take a look.

It helps them develop critical thinking. Many people involved in STEM programs are good problem solvers because the types of projects they do require them to think out of the box. You can incorporate STEM thinking in a child as young as three. When their toy breaks, ask them how they would fix it. You may be surprised at what they come up with! They’re using their critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Learning STEM early can help kids stick with it. Did you ever notice that kids who learn another language early in life are more likely to use it as they get older? The same can be said for STEM learning. Many times kids will likely follow through with sports or other hobbies that were taught to them at a young age.

Helps them learn other subjects. The Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education published a report stating that learning STEM lessons at a young age is linked to increased reading and writing skills as they get older. Teaching STEM now is making an investment in your child’s academic future.

STEM can also help promote socio-emotional development.  Research has also found a link between quality STEM lessons and social and emotional growth. There is also evidence that children who engage in STEM lessons have less challenging behaviors.

Since there are so many proven benefits to teaching STEM lessons to your child, what are you waiting for? You can do some of the work at home so that when they’ve reached first grade, you can enroll them in a MakerKids program. Weekly mini-maker classes are available for first and second graders to teach them the foundations of STEM learning. Call 1-844-MAKERKIDS today to find out more about this program and afterschool programs for older children. MakerKids also hosts summer camps and birthday parties. Find out why so many kids and parents love our MakerKids programs!

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