Sure your child goes to school every day and learns all of the subjects they’re supposed to. But, what about extracurricular programs to enrich what they’re learning in school and maybe even introduce them to something new?

That’s where STEM programs can play a role.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM is important because it’s all around us whether we realize it or not. The bridge you drove over to get to work was the brainchild of an engineer. The phone you used and the apps you click on every day were made by someone in the technology field. Don’t forget math. It’s everywhere we go, from the grocery store to the bank.

Many kids don’t realize that STEM is everywhere. Once you explain that to them, you may ignite a spark to get them more interested and involved.

What are STEM Programs?

While some schools may touch on STEM topics, there are very few that dive deep enough. That’s why STEM programs exist. They are totally devoted to teaching STEM topics and can give kids the attention they need in different areas.

What are the Benefits of STEM Programs?

By introducing your child to STEM programs you are putting them on the path to success. The STEM job market continues to grow. During 2010-2020, it’s estimated that STEM jobs will see an 18% growth rate compared to a 14% growth rate for all other occupations.

STEM workers make more on average than people in other careers. Statistics show that the typical STEM worker makes just under $55,000 compared to the non-STEM worker who typically earns around $40,000.

Besides the dollars and cents aspect of STEM, these types of programs also help kids with problem-solving skills. These types of skills can last a lifetime. Kids need to learn how to think out-of-the-box to become good at solving problems.

Kids will also learn social skills to help them interact better with others. Again, these types of social skills are key to not only working with others in their career field but in other day-to-day interactions.

Being in a STEM program can also help kids deal with failure. Not every invention they try is going to work out the first time, or maybe not even the second time. They learn how to pick themselves up and keep trying until they can figure out how to make things work.

At MakerKids, children can learn all of these skills through our various STEM programs. We offer afterschool programs in coding, robotics, and even Minecraft. Kids learn how to make their ideas come to life in a supportive environment. If you want to learn more about the different programs available, check us out online or call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS.

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