By now, if you haven’t tried a virtual class for your child yet, you’ve probably at least heard a lot about them.

What is a virtual class actually like though?

Let’s go behind the scenes at a MakerKids weekly session, and follow our imaginary student, Todd, to one of his classes. He’s 12, and interested in robotics, but he doesn’t have any experience.

In This Article You Will Learn:

MakerKids classes are sorted by page, by topic, and by experience level. Todd is in the grades 3-8 bracket, which means that his weekly program is 2 hours a week.

We’ll select the Robotics Beginner class. Todd will feel comfortable in this class because he’ll be with other kids who are at the same level as he is. Topics covered include how to use online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make electronic creations they may have only dreamed of. Todd will also learn how to wire up circuits, make virtual lights light up, and design solutions to real-world problems, and more!

The next class for Todd is this Thursday, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Let’s sign him up!

What’s in each weekly class?

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Each class is different, of course, but every week Todd will enjoy small classes of six children or less, with personalized instruction. He’ll also have plenty of chances to make new friends as he interacts with his peers. The great thing about virtual classes is that Todd can meet and interact with peers from all over, not just those in his area. This helps to broaden his circle of contacts. 

This week, Todd might learn about the property of light, or how sound and motion work. He may even practice wiring a microcontroller to learn about electricity or build a Vex Robotic rover.

Of course, building a robot remotely can be difficult, so Todd has the option of either purchasing a robotics kit or using our Robotics Simulator. Todd will choose the second option because no additional equipment is necessary.

What does each student learn?

If Todd sticks with it, he’ll get a complete introduction to robotics – and when he’s ready, he can move on to the advanced class! The learning never stops at MakerKids because we are constantly challenging students to reach their full potential. Many of our instructors have competed at the national robotics championships! 

If Todd keeps going, his passion for robotics could quickly turn into scholarship opportunities, and eventually, an exciting career. Good job, Todd!

Learn More About Robotics & Other Classes Offered

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Besides robotics, your child can also take classes in coding and Minecraft. All of our classes are offered at a beginner level as well as advanced. This allows kids to work at their pace and move up as they go along. They’re also working with their peers so that they’ll have something in common and have the chance to meet new friends.

Learn about all classes at MakerKids

For more information on all of the classes offered at MakerKids, click here. We also offer a free trial class so your child can check out all of the cool things they can learn at MakerKids.  

Try Your First Class For Free and let us know what you think! We’re sure your child will love it so much that they’ll want to continue taking classes!

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