When it comes to coding, there are many different languages to get familiar with. If your child enjoys coding and has even taken a few classes, Python coding may have come up in conversation. 

We’re going to take a closer look at just what Python coding is as well as the benefits of learning it and how your child can take advantage of classes at MakerKids. When we’re done, you’ll be well-versed in the world of Python coding and all that it has to offer.

Python Coding Explained

Python is a computer programming language that is often used to build websites and software as well as automate tasks and do data analysis. Python uses whitespace to keep things organized, unlike other programming languages that don’t care much about spaces or indents when you’re coding. Python is a general-purpose language which means it can be used to create many different programs since it isn’t specialized for any specific issues. 

Due to its versatility along with its user-friendliness, Python has become one of the most-used programming languages in the world.

Benefits of Learning Python Coding

python coding

There are several benefits of learning Python coding which have helped to make it one of the most popular computer languages in the world. 

Easy to Learn

Unlike other programming languages, Python is not as stressful to learn. It deals with complexity nicely so you can focus on actually learning the programming language, not all of the unnecessary details.

Versatile Programming Language

Python is a versatile programming language seeing that it is good for both small and complex tasks. It can also be used in many different industries. From its more common applications like data science and software engineering to mobile app development and artificial intelligence.

Python can also run with other programming languages. It will function properly whether you are working with Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Python Developer Jobs are in High Demand

If your child begins to learn Python coding now, they will be well prepared in the future. Python developer roles are in high demand, and they pay well. According to Indeed, Python developers earn an average salary of $108.391, making it the fourth-most lucrative programming language out there.

Fast-Growing Programming Language

Python is the most-searched programming language online. According to Stack Overflow, it is also the fastest-growing programming language. This is due to the fact that it has gained in popularity more quickly than any other language.

These benefits make Python coding one of the best programming languages to learn.

Python at MakerKids

At MakerKids, students in grades 3-8 can take advantage of Python classes. In our Python coding classes, they will learn:

  • How to install Python
  • How to create scripts with commands used in real-world computer science
  • Parse files and play with strings (lists of letters)
  • Grasp core ideas of shell computing and navigating the operating system via the command line interface.

When your child finishes their Python class, they will have the skills they can take anywhere! To learn more about Python coding classes at MakerKids, call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or reach out to us online.

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