The importance of STEM learning is gaining steam as the demand for STEM-related jobs is expected to grow. The U.S. Department of Education estimates that the number of STEM jobs will consistently grow with the need for biomedical engineers expected to increase the most at 62%.

What does this mean for our kids?

It means that we need to introduce them to all that STEM has to offer so that they can take part in this growing job market as they get older. What better place to do that than at MakerKids?

Why MakerKids?

MakerKids has been recognized by many organizations for its programs and has won the NextGen a New Generation in Franchising Competition. Our programs focus on coding, robotics, and Minecraft.

Our coding program teaches kids how to code their own game as well as character development and storyboarding. It incorporates math, computer skills, teamwork, and creativity in the process.

Children who are interested in robotics will learn how to create electronic inventions and also learn how to code. They’ll discover how the things around them work and how they came to be. At one point someone came up with a genius idea to create the many gadgets we all use today. The iPhone certainly didn’t grow out of the ground!

During the Minecraft classes, kids learn how computers and servers work as well as the ins and outs of the game. They also learn core computing processes while interacting with kids who share their love for the game.

No matter which topic your child chooses, they’ll learn how to interact with others and work as a team. These are also life skills that will help them to be successful as they get older.

What does MakerKids offer?

Besides the award-winning programs, MakerKids is also among the top franchises in STEM learning because its programs are widely accessible. You can choose which types of program and schedule best suits your family.

There are weekly sessions that can be taken after school or on the weekend as well as more lengthy camp programs. The camp programs are offered in the summer, winter, and during spring break. There are also private classes and even birthday parties!

Your child is bound to find a program that interests them and fits your schedule. To start your MakerKids journey, call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to find out what so many other families have discovered. A solid foundation in STEM learning starts at MakerKids where kids are engaged and challenged to reach new heights!

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