It’s no secret that we are surrounded by technology. Everywhere we turn there’s a screen or a phone that seems to be beckoning our attention.

Kids feel that too; that’s why they’re also drawn to a variety of devices. It’s natural for them to be inquisitive and also want to do whatever you’re doing. But, that doesn’t mean you should just put them in front of a tablet or hand over your phone.

There are certain techniques to introduce your kids to technology that will help them to not only use it better but also avoid accidentally falling into potential dangers. Here are some things to try so that your kids can get used to technology and its benefits on your terms.

Supervise Activity. Instead of just handing over a device and waving goodbye, sit down with your child as he logs on.  This will prevent him from mindlessly surfing the web and clicking around with no purpose. You can not only show him how to use the device, but also see what types of sites he’s visiting. This is also a good time to put some parental locks so that the wrong sites don’t get into his hands. As you supervise his online activity, engage and ask questions about what he’s watching or listening to so that it becomes a more interactive time.

Make Smart Choices. Sure technology is fun, but it can also be educational. When you’re introducing your child to technology, start off with educational apps and games. This way they’ll know right from the start that technology and education go hand and hand. They’ll also see that it can be fun. Sometimes the games and apps are so good that kids don’t even realize there’s learning happening in the process.

Practice What You Preach. While this may not be your introduction to technology, it is for your child and they’re taking it all in, including how you act around your devices. If you’re glued to a screen all of the time, they’re going to think that is acceptable and follow suit. Set an example by being responsible with your devices. Show your child you can certainly use a device but you don’t need to be obsessed with it.

When technology is introduced and used appropriately, it can open up a world of opportunities to children. At MakerKids we help to introduce them to those opportunities which include robotics classes for kids, STEM classes for kids and programming courses. To learn more about our courses and programs, give us a call at 877-271-4418 or visit us online.

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