While you still may be wearing your hats and gloves, it’s not too soon to start thinking about summer camp options for your child. There are many different types of camps out there, but they tend to fill up fast. The key to finding a good summer camp is starting with something that your child finds interesting. From sports camps to STEM camps, there is something for every kid out there. Some places, like MakerKids, also offer camps during other times of the year.

If your child is into STEM topics, a STEM camp is a great opportunity to get them immersed in it. Let’s take a look at what is a STEM camp and what it can offer your child.

What is a STEM Camp?

A STEM camp gives kids the chance to explore topics like robotics and coding and other science, engineering, and math-related topics. These camps are typically divided by age groups so that all activities are age-appropriate. Kids can learn skills like designing their own video games and making their own robotic inventions. They build on their skills and see how hard work and perseverance can pay off while having fun.

As kids get older, their programs get more complex. For example, in coding programs, they can learn in detail about how computers work and how to code certain programs. These are valuable skills that they can carry with them their entire lives.

In robotics programs, they can make real robotics that light up and move. What kid doesn’t want that? The best part is that they’re doing the work on their own. They’re getting the satisfaction of knowing they accomplished something pretty cool while being able to learn skills they can build upon.

At MakerKids, there is also a unique Minecraft portion of the camp that teaches kids how to make the game even more awesome. They learn the ins and outs as well as programming concepts. Any kids that learn about Minecraft will tell you that it’s much more than a game. During the camp program, they learn how to elevate their experience and learn the coding that goes into it.

Learning Valuable Skills at STEM Camp

Besides learning coding and robotics’ skills, kids are also learning how to work with their peers. Teamwork and problem-solving are important skills that all kids need to have now and as they get older.

STEM camps also spark creativity. Many times kids imagine a certain project or concept. Their minds are blown when they can actually make those projects a reality. This process helps to build self-confidence.

How Can I Sign My Child Up for a STEM Camp?

Signing up for a STEM camp at MakerKids is easy. Just visit our website and click on the program your child wants to participate in. We offer summer camp sessions as well as a March break camp for children in grades 1-8. STEM camp is a wonderful way for kids to learn skills and build friendships. Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS for more information.

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