If your kids are practically obsessed with Minecraft, you’re not alone. As of February of 2017, there were over 127 million registered users. Minecraft is also the second best-selling video game of all time, second only to Tetris.

Minecraft drops players into different worlds leaving them to build everything from cabins to castles using blocks and other resources. While it may sound pretty simple, the game is more complex than that. What is it about Minecraft that has grasped kids’ attention so much?

Let’s take a look.

The game can be endless.

Players can build endlessly here, letting their creativity be the driving force to success. In fact, players are forced to use their creativity and to keep building. If they can imagine it, they can build it. Kids like the feeling that they are really controlling the game.

They can take part in a huge modding community.

Minecraft can be added onto to create more content. The game is constantly evolving and there’s always something new. This appeals to children. From the textures to the sounds, there’s something for everyone to show their creativity. They can shape the game and don’t have to follow by the rules. This type of free play, even in a video game setting is appealing to many kids.

They can meet other kids who have the same interests.

When kids play Minecraft they quickly learn that they will have a far better success rate if they work together. As they work together they get to meet other kids who have the same interests. Growing friendships and playing Minecraft is a win-win for any child.

There are choices.

Kids gravitate towards Minecraft because there are choices in the game. There isn’t just one way to play. They can choose from different modes to suit their interests. They don’t have to play the game just one way as in other video games. This versatility is appealing because kids’ interests are always changing and the game can change with it.

Minecraft classes for kids are a great way to let your child further explore the game. At MakerKids we offer these types of classes as well as computer coding and other STEM-related topics. You can choose from a variety of formats, including after-school programs and camps. To find out more about Minecraft courses for kids, contact us at 877-769-6428. Find out how we’re helping to turn Minecraft into more than just a game.

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