Mojang developed Minecraft in 2011. Unlike most games, Minecraft isn’t just a game you play to win, and it isn’t limited to building and breaking blocks.

Instead, Minecraft is still so popular, even 11 years after its release, because of the immense scope it has to offer. With Minecraft, you can unleash your creativity by gaining access to unlimited features through coding. 

Turn your kids’ obsession with Minecraft into a real-life skill by introducing them to coding and the intricate mechanics of the game. The most optimal way to do this is with Minecraft code camp for kids. 

You might ask how is a coding camp different from regular classes. Both have their pros and cons. For starters, Camps offer a more lenient structure with options for breaks and games that go on for consecutive days. 

Through these coding camps, kids can enrich their technical skills as well as their social skills by interacting with other kids. The rules are not as strictly followed, but the fun learning atmosphere makes the kids eager to learn and create new things. 

They also get a chance to showcase what they made using the materials they learned. The instructors give them feedback immediately and teach them ways to improve. So read on as we dive into the best Minecraft coding camps for kids. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

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  • MakerKids, iD Tech, and theCoderSchool provide extensive, interactive, and detailed courses with dedicated instructors to get your kids started with Minecraft coding.
  • MakerKids is the pioneer and the first to introduce coding camps for kids. We offer offline classes in Toronto, Canada, and access to online courses from anywhere. The classes are divided into courses based on various levels and skill sets of kids. 
  • MakerKids courses are well-thought-out. They are designed by experienced instructors and engineers from Singularity University Program, NASA, and have been refined for 11 years.
  • iD Tech covers many fields and designs courses customized to fit your child’s specific interests. 
  • theCoderSchool is a virtual platform that incorporates Minecraft into all their after-school programs and camps to teach kids fundamental coding skills. This camp is beginner-friendly, where you can learn things from scratch.

What is Minecraft Coding?

Minecraft Coding gives you access to its open-source software responsible for the game’s underlying mechanics to add and edit files within it. 

When the only limit is your creativity, the possibilities are endless. Using Minecraft Coding, you can use your skills to mod your own version of Minecraft.

If you are a parent and know that your kid plays Minecraft obsessively 24/7 with no regard for anything else in the world, why not turn that obsession into a healthy and productive habit? 

You can do so by taking advantage of the infinite scopes Minecraft has to offer to teach your kids a valuable skill. Coding skills make it easier to go into a STEM-related field later in life.

Best Minecraft Coding Camps For Kids

Kids are the best learners. The skills they develop at an early age stay with them for a long time. But if kids are subjected to boring and conventional methods of teaching, it can create the opposite effect. 

Minecraft is the most fun and easiest way to introduce your kids to coding. The options are endless, and so is the opportunity to fine-tune your skills over time. Moreover, kids also learn valuable real-life skills like teamwork, patience, and communication. 

Help your child make the best use of their time with the thing they love most and invest in your child’s future at the same time. This article will look at three of the best Minecraft coding camps for kids.

Best Minecraft Coding Camps #1 MakerKids


Arguably one of the best Minecraft coding camps for kids, MakerKids is an award-winning program for kids that focuses on robotics, coding, and Minecraft, where kids learn skills essential for the 21st century, be they technical, emotional, or social. 

We start at the beginner level and gradually upgrade to more advanced topics through a curriculum that keeps the kids engaged.

Quick facts

  • Where the company is based: Toronto, Canada
  • Free trial details: First Class is Free
  • Recommended age range: Kids ages 6-13 (grades 1-8) 
  • Learning options: Online live – 1:1, groups up to 6, and in-person classes in Ontario, Canada


  • We let you book a free trial class.  If you’re skeptical about whether or not you should invest in us, you can always use the trial class to judge the quality of our programs.
  • We have dedicated instructors selected through a seven-step vetting process who are all graduates or entrepreneurs from the Singularity University program at NASA.
  • Our instructors give kids constant feedback and show them ways to improve through friendly guidance.
  • We have a refined curriculum that has been improved over 11 years.
  • The program advances gradually. So it builds on your child’s skill cohesively and holistically.
  • Cancel anytime based on your satisfaction level, and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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  • No on-demand courses or lectures at this time (they’re working on it).
  • In-person classes are unavailable outside Ontario, Canada. Global students, or even students outside the greater Toronto area, are restricted to online classes only.


  • Group classes: 
  1. $129/month per student (+tax) for weekly 1-hour classes
  2. $199/month per student (+tax) for weekly two-hour classes

The ratio of students to instructors is 5:1. The small group allows the instructor to pay attention to each student’s needs. At the same time, students learn teamwork, collaboration, patience, and valuable communicative skills alongside coding in a group setting.

  •  Private classes:

$1,249/month per student (+tax) for four 1-hour sessions

  • Coding Camps: 

The coding camps are priced according to days. All the classes are two hours in duration and distributed over the span of four to five days. There are breaks for games, too, to avoid fatigue. 


MakerKids is the first learning platform specifically designed to give kids real-life skills through a fun and interactive program. We are the pioneers and the oldest coding camp for kids. 

With instructors chosen through a vigorous seven-step mapping process, we help children get necessary 21st-century skill sets like resilience, patience, team building, coding, and robotics.

MakerKids familiarizes kids with the wide realm of computer science. We do it by starting them off with a fun game they like, such as Minecraft. Then we leverage that interest to give them coding and robotics experience. 

Experienced and skilled course instructors from NASA who design the courses constantly try to improve them to be best suited for children. 

Besides Minecraft coding courses, we have robotics courses and game modding courses. Children can learn the basic concepts of Javascript, circuit mapping, and 3D design first-hand, skipping all the boring theoretical jargon to keep them interested. 

Coding Classes Offered

The Minecraft program is divided into three parts.

Mini Makers (Grades 1-2)

  • No prior knowledge of programming or Minecraft is required
  • Kids will learn new concepts like running commands and remote servers
  • Develop invaluable team-building and collaborative communication skills by interacting with other kids

Beginner Minecraft (Grades 3-5 & 6-8):

  • No prior programming or Minecraft knowledge is required
  • New concepts that are learned in this course include:
    •  Circuit logic using Redstone
    •  Coding elements using command blocks 
    • 3D design using geometry and mathematics.
  • With these newly learned skills, kids can plan out large building projects with the help of their instructors

Intermediate Minecraft (Grades 3-5 & 6-8):

  • Some prior Minecraft experience is required
  • This course is an advanced form of the beginner’s course where the same concepts are taught but much more extensively

Advanced Minecraft: Resources and Mods (Grades 3-5 & 6-8):

  • Some prior Java experience is required
  • In this course, students are taught:
    • How to add and edit game files
    • The infinite ways you can change the appearances and shapes, and mechanics of the elements
    • Creating fun modded servers to make beating the game more difficult 

Best For 

Kids learn the most, not by reading but by doing. The best way to ensure that kids are learning is to let them apply their new knowledge and skills firsthand. The next step into learning is innovation, and MakerKids is designed to intellectually stimulate the children enough to help them explore their inner creative genius. 

Any child can benefit from our courses. Our motto is, “Every kid is a Maker.” 

You can book a free trial class right now to see if MakerKids is suited for your kids, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 


Here are a few comments from parents regarding their experience with MakerKids:

Best Minecraft Coding Camps #2 iD Tech

iD Tech is one of the best learning platforms to help turn your children’s interests into practical skills they can implement in real life. You can find game development and design courses for various games, from Minecraft to even Roblox. 


  • Lets you sign up for custom classes where you can build a program tailored to your children’s needs. 
  • You can select the pace of the course based on whether they are too advanced or require time to catch on.
  • Implement planning and development skills into thematic storylines.
  • Virtual camps and online private classes are offered on a regular basis. 
  • Offline summer camps at the world’s biggest tech camps give you access to world-class technologies. 


  • Relatively slower teaching process that starts from the basics but takes a lot of time to progress to the advanced level.


iD Tech Camps provide courses customizable for your kid’s interests and skill sets. It is most popular for its game development and design programs. The courses are not limited to just coding. If your child is good at art, they can brush up their skills using digital art courses that include 3D art, animation, and 3D printing.

iD Tech also provides specific courses to help kids polish up their niches – like Minecraft game design, world design, server design, Java mapping, and many more – in the form of accessible virtual courses.

Best For

iD Tech is popular for game development and design. The one-on-one Minecraft Java modding techniques for kids 10-19 years of age is an excellent beginner-to-advanced course that provides a detailed knowledge of Javascript for in-game implementation.

The lessons are divided into specific topics rather than one big one. So if you are already familiar with Minecraft and are interested to know more about a specific topic, Java mapping, this is a great way to do it. Moreover, there are opportunities to customize a course suited to your kid’s needs and interests.


For children, this is a good way to start coding from scratch. Here’s what some parents have to say: 

Best Minecraft Coding Camps #3 theCoderSchool

theCoderSchool is a virtual platform that provides week-long coding camps with a 6:1 student-to-instructor ratio. The camps are tech-field-specific. Students must present their creations at the end of the week to show off what they learned. 


  • Minecraft is incorporated into their after-school programs along with their regular online camps.
  • Gives an introduction to fundamental coding concepts like loops, variables, and functions.
  • It tests children’s problem-solving skills.
  • There are a lot of areas to choose from, like Game development, Robocode, Java, Roblox, Pi Jam, and Webrox.


  • The Minecraft camp is one camp for all. Therefore you have to start from scratch even if you are somewhat familiar with coding and Minecraft.
  • The camp is not divided by skill sets.
  • No customizable courses.


theCoderSchool’s courses include game development, website development, Pi jam, Python, and Minecraft coding. Some after-school programs incorporate coding through Minecraft, even if you are not specifically learning to code.

This is helpful in the long run because coding is a skill you are bound to need at some point in life. Besides, Minecraft is the best way to keep students engaged and eager to learn. 

Additionally, there are specific courses on Roblox, Webrox, and Java. So you have tons of options to find what you like.

Best For

theCoderSchool uses Minecraft Education Edition’s Code Builder feature. This feature has an intuitive code editor that enables kids to program items and actions in their Minecraft world using agents. 

So parents who want their kids to use this feature might consider theCoderSchool over other alternatives.


Here are some promising reviews parents have left about theCoderSchool.

Final Words

Every kid loves video games. And what better way to incorporate that love for gaming into a learning experience than to create what you’ve visualized in your favorite games? 

Applying what you’ve learned in what you do is one of the most effective and fun learning methods. The best Minecraft coding camps for kids, such as MakerKids, iD Tech, and theCoderSchool, use this method. Kids look forward to learning new things through their favorite game of Minecraft. 

All these options are great, but MakerKids offers the most well-rounded package. If you are unsure which option to choose, we highly recommend our camp. With our experienced teachers and a curriculum that is always improving, you simply cannot go wrong with MakerKids.

So sign up for a free class at MakerKids today!

Comparison Table

If you don’t have time to read through the entire article, here is a comparison table to give you a glimpse of all three of the camps featured.

Items MakerKids iDTech TheCoderSchool
Trial Details: First class free. Pricing starts from $49 No free class. Pricing start from $60 per class Free first lesson. Pricing starts at $49.99 for unlimited access
Age Range  6 – 13 7-19 8 +
Location Toronto, Canada United States United States
Modes of Learning Online Live (1:1 or Groups up to 5), in-person classes Online live classes, On-site camp locations, Global locations in South Korea and the United Kingdom Online live (1:1 or Groups 6:1)
Programs Beginner-Advanced Beginner- Advanced Beginner-Advanced
Price  Moderate High Moderate
Customer Service Very responsive Responsive  Responsive
Teaches Computation Thinking Yes Yes No

Comparison Table

Items MakerKids Code Spark Kodable
Courses Coding Coding Coding
One Thing They Are Great At Focuses on special kids with Mental Health Makes children’s screen time more educational Focuses on teaching children socially conscious themes 
Modes of Learning Live 1-1 and groups Live 1-1  Live 1-1 
Student Age 6-13 5-8 4-11
Student to Instructor Ratio 5:1 1:1 1:1
Price Range Moderate Moderate Cheap
Price Starts at $129/month Starts at $59.99 $9.99/month
Links MakerKids Code Spark Kodable

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