Not sure what to get your little maker kids this season?

We decided to do some digging and find the absolute best stuff there is to offer. Everything on this list will have the added benefit of teaching valuable STEM skills like circuitry, robotics, and coding! They are fun, educational and out of the box.

Without further ado, here is our kid’s holiday gift guide:


Maker Books

Being an avid reader, I can’t recommend books as a gift more highly! These books are full with ideas, new ways of thinking and making. You can never get started reading too early!

What books for kids, you ask?

These are only just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a full list of STEM approved book ideas from Kim over at The Maker Mom.

Circuit Stickers

Circuit Stickers

What’s better than stickers? Stickers that light up!

Circuit stickers teach kids about the basics of circuitry and electronics. Plus, it’s a load of fun and the starter kit only costs $30! It’s also a great activity for parents and kids to do together – which is what the holiday season is all about: being together!

Codable Robots

Kids Robotics

What kid wouldn’t love to have their own personal robot? Not only do these make great gifts, but they also help teach kids how to code!

Some possible robots include Dash and Dot (pictured above) and Sphero SPRK edition. Both come with an easy-to-use controller and their own unique coding system built to be easily understood by kids.

A Trip to MakerKids

Kids Holiday Gift Guide

What better gift that the gift of learning, friendship, and fun games?

During our camps and PA days, the kids learn how to code, built robots using electronics and circuitry, computer skills, and design… all while meeting new friends and learning how to work as a team!

We also have weekly programs and birthday parties.

No matter what gifts you get your kids this holiday season, remember that it’s being together and enjoying each other’s company that really matters. Enjoy the holidays!

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